4th International Summer School on Bayesian Modelling

Once again this year my colleagues Florian Hartig and Jörn Pagel, and I will be running the Bayesian Modelling summer school.  Continuing our tradition of holding the course in amazing locations, this time we will be running the course on the beautiful island of Lygra in Western Norway from the 15th September to the 19th September 2014.

The course is designed for all ecological and environmental researchers at all stages in their career and will cover:

  • Introduction to the concepts of Bayesian statistics (priors, likelihoods, etc.)
  • Sampling methods (Markov Chain Monte Carlo, rejection sampling, etc.)
  • Bayesian modelling and hierarchical Bayesian models
  • The BUGS model language and its implementations such as JAGS, OpenBUGS, and WinBUGS

The course will consist of lectures, practical exercises (with R and JAGS) and talks on many topics in Bayesian statistics with a focus on the analysis of the sorts of data we see in ecology and the environmental sciences.

Full details of the course, including accommodation, travel information, and the application form can be found at the course website.  You can also find there a flyer to pin to your departmental notice board.  If you have any questions then feel free to email me.

We hope to see you there in the summer!



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