5th International Summer School on Bayesian Modelling for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

Over the last five years Florian Hartig, Jörn Pagel, and myself (plus Björn Reineking in the early days) have organised an annual workshop on Bayesian modelling with ecological and environmental science applications being the principal focus.  I am pleased to announce that we have finalised the details for this year’s course.

We’ve always been blessed with beautiful locations to run the course: from the Lindenhof outside the lovely historic town of Bayreuth, to the Black Forest outside Freiburg.  This year is no different and so the course will take place on the stunning island of Lygra in Western Norway.  Accommodation will be provided by the Lygra Gjestegård and the lectures will take place at the nearby Heathland Cultural Centre and Museum.

Over 5 full days (13th – 18th September) we will cover the following topics:

  • A refresher on likelihood and probability theory
  • The theory of Bayesian inference
  • Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian inference
  • The BUGS model language and its implementation in software such as OpenBUGS and JAGS
  • Using Bayesian methods for inference in hierarchical models
  • Ecological and environmental applications of Bayesian inference such as
    • Population modelling
    • Spatial models and species distribution modelling
    • Fitting of dispersal kernels to seed trap data
  • Approximate Bayesian methods for simulation models

The total cost of the course will be 4100 Norwegian Kronor, which includes accommodation, meals, and tuition.

Full details about the course (and the application form) can be found here.  A poster to advertise the course at your institution can be found here.

I look forward to welcoming you in September!

DSC_0306 IMG_1022  IMG_2859   IMG_2915 IMG_2934 IMG_4590


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