BeginR: Online tutorials for those new to R

Over the last few years I have taught a number of courses teaching the R Statistical Platform to people at various stages of their careers.  Often these courses are focused on training people to use R for particular statistical application rather than delving into a lot of all the features and functionality that R provides.  This makes sense as R is mostly taught as part of a course on statistics and, understandably, we are more concerned with making sure that the course participant remember the statistical theory than the precise set of commands by which these analyses can be performed.

Whilst this ensures that people are well equiped with the statistical tools they need to perform their research, it does have the dissadvantage that people don’t always understand the commands they are typing into R other than simply a means to run the analysis they are after.  This can lead to people simply treating statistical analyses in R as a set of commands that they need to type by rote.  This means that there can be gaps in people’s knowledge that can result in them missing out on some of full progamming capabilities of R.

Over the coming weeks I will upload a new series of tutorials for people who are entirely new to using R.  Unlike other the statistics courses I have taught in the past, the focus here will be to ensure that everyone has good basis in the fundamentals of R.  We will go through each feature in R and explore in detail.  Each of these courses will carry the ‘BeginR’ tag.  I will aim to have to produce a new set of material at least once a month but, as always, life gets in the way and I’m sure there will be the occasional slippage.


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