International Summer School: An Introduction to Bayesian Modelling for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

After taking a year-off from organising the course last year, I and my teaching partners Florian Hartig and Jörn Pagel, are pleased to announce that this year we will be running the Bayesian Summer School from 25th-29th September this year.  Once again, the course will take at the Heathland Centre on the beautiful island of Lygra in Western Norway.

The course is an introduction to the theory and application of Bayesian modelling.  We introduce the participants to common Bayesian modelling software such as JAGS, STAN, and INLA and cover a range of common applications of Bayesian statistics in ecology and environmental science.  Full details can be found at the course website.

We aim the course towards PhD students and postdocs but we welcome applications from people at all stages in their scientific career: in previous years we have had everyone from masters students to senior professors take the course.  We look forward to your application!


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